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Par Value of One Share
If your membership share falls below par value, we may transfer funds from another account to maintain the membership share.
Abandoned Account Fee $10.00 per month
Account Activity Printout $2.00 per page
Account closed within 90 days of opening $25.00 Account
Reconciliation $25.00/hr (min $25.00)
Account Research $25.00/hr (min $25.00)
ATM transactions at ATMs not owned by the Credit Union $0.50 per transaction 
Bad Address and/or Bad e-mail (one-time fee) $5.00 Cashier’s
Checks $5.00 per check 
Check Cashing $5.00 per request
Check Collection Varies
Check Printing Varies
Check Processing Fee for Foreign Item $10.00/item
Coin Bank (members) (waived for children accounts) 5% of total
Coin Bank (non-members) 10% of total
Copy of Check $5.00 per draft
Courtesy Pay $20.00 per item
Credit Card - Late Payment Up to $25.00
Credit Card - Over-the-Credit Limit Up to $25.00
Debit Card Overdraft $20.00 per item
Deposit Item Resubmitted $5.00 per item
Deposit Item Returned $5.00 per item
Online Bill Pay Insufficient Funds $20.00 per item
Online Bill Pay Reactivation $5.00
Online Bill Pay – Rush Payment Service Fees - Overnight Check Fee (rush delivery) $14.95
Same Day Bill Pay Fee (ACH - rush delivery) $9.95
Fax – outgoing (U.S. phone numbers only) $1.00 per page
Foreign cards using our ATM $2.00 per transaction
Garnishments $50.00
Gift Cheque $2.50 per check
Held Funds Fee $20.00 per item
Inactive Account (No activity for 12 months) $5.00 per month
Items(s) paid against insufficient funds $20.00 per item
Items(s) returned due to insufficient funds $20.00 per item
Loan Coupons $0.50 per page
Membership Fee $1.00
Minimum Balance $2.00 per month
Money Market Account excessive withdrawal $20.00 per transaction
Money Order $1.00 per Money Order
Night Depository Bag $25.00
Night Depository Key $10.00
Notary (non-members) Standard fees per Hawaii statutes
Personalized credit card renewals/image change $5.00 per card
Personalized credit card image rejection $5.00 per image
Photocopies $0.25 per copy
Plastic Card International Fees Ranges from 0.80% to 1.00%
Plastic card replacement $10.00
Plastic card pin replacement $5.00
Plastic card rush order $45.00
Plastic card pin rush order $45.00
Plastic card special handling $20.00
Safe deposit box drilling and key replacement Varies
Safe deposit box key deposit $25.00
Safe deposit box rental Ranges from $25.00 to $70.00
Statement Copy $2.00 per page
Stop Payments $10.00 per request
Tax Levies $50.00
Temporary checks or deposit slips $0.50 per page
Travelers Cheques 1% of amount purchased (waived with Direct Deposit)
Travelers Cheques for two 1.5% of amount purchased
Wire Transfer (international) – Incoming $5.00 per transfer
Wire Transfer (international) – Outgoing $5,000 or less $45.00 per transfer
Wire Transfer (international) – Outgoing greater than $5,000 $65.00 per transfer
Wire Transfer – (domestic) – Incoming $5.00 per transfer
Wire Transfer – (domestic) – Outgoing $5,000 or less $20.00 per transfer
Wire Transfer – (domestic) – Outgoing greater than $5,000 $25.00 per transfer